No matter the season, having pretty moist lips is an ultimate goal. During both summer and winter lips can dry out in no time. Having cracked and chapped lips gives the appearance of looking older. Most people don’t understand that just by treating their lips, this will instantly help to look more youthful and much younger faster.

These Three Natural Things Keep Lips Youthful

These Three Natural Things Keep Lips Youthful Juteux from Curly D by Curly Davenport

Lip treatments have been used by Hollywood makeup artists for a very long time. What most ordinary people don’t know is that “lips” also show the very first signs of aging. Which is why top celebrity makeup artists use lip treatment products.

1. Stay Hydrated 

Make it a habit to drink eight glasses of water daily to keep lips hydrated at all times. Drinking water is a good solution to keep lips from getting chapped. Increase water consumption will help to avoid chapped lips. Dehydration works to pull moisture from lips, if you feel your lips cracking this means you are not drinking enough water.

2. Use A Humidifier At Night

Make sure that lips stay moisturized at night by keeping a humidifier running in your bedroom. Don’t think that you should only use a humidifier in only winter, practice always sleeping with a humidifier running for continued moist lips. This is an natural solution to keep lips soft and moist.

3. Apply Lip Treatment At Night and Morning

The ultimate time to apply lip treatment is at night and in the morning. Before going to bed and taking a steamy shower apply Juteux from Curly D by Curly Davenport. Juteux works like a Luxury Natural Lip Balm Oil “Facelift In A Tube” to produce energy anti-aging skincare beauty fighting benefits for vibrant satin smooth naturally fuller appearance lips. 

In the morning always apply Juteux again to give a balance for extra tender maintenance to last longer in use with glossed lips, over lipstick or with and before applying your fave lip kits. Juteux is even perfect to use alone, it goes on like clear satin paint. 

The “Juteux” Luxury Natural Lip Balm Oil created by Curly Davenport is made from only the purest and natural ingredients designed for a better enhanced lip ultimate experience. Longer lasting softness for lips adjusts to climate changes…Paraben Free, Dye Free, Cruelty Free!

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