Remeber to take time out for self-care, especially when it comes to beauty maintenance.

Self Care

Self Care In A Hurry Curly D

Beauty Instructions:

Apply Juteux lip balmgoes on like clear satin paint to produce super soft and lasting conditioning for the skin. 

Juteux Self Care Campaign Curly D

The most powerful anti-aging treatment to help lips as they start to lose collagen and elastin, which occurs increasingly more over time. Juteux restores moisture to make lips look younger instantly. A powerful anti-aging lip treatment to use when lips begin to lose volume, lines form around the mouth, and rosy color starts to gradually fade away. Make anti-aging an investment into your future for fuller lips.

Drink lots of water, by staying hydrated you can maintain your skin’s natural elasticity and suppleness. Just by sipping on more water on a daily basis, you’ll promote nail growth and prevent dry, flaky cuticles.

Always remember self-love and self-care…Just do you!


Curly D Beauty Team 

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