Best Lip Balm Multi-Active benefits with SPF15 that works for lips, cheeks, around eyes, brow, forehead, and wrinkles.

best moisturizing lip balm Juteux Curly D

Juteux top ingredients include natural SPF15 sunscreen, organic beeswax, vitamin E, organic rosemary extract, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, organic calendula extract, and organic strawberry oil. Don’t be fooled by other brands claiming to use some or similar same ingredients. Juteux is made with “advanced top-secret preparation formula” to produce the best results! 

Curly D by Curly Davenport products are made in the U.S.A. all natural and organic with the finest quality ingredients that are paraben free, dye free, and cruelty-free.

Curly D by Curly Davenport the creator of Juteux is also a Leaping Bunny approved brand!

Product size: container fill weight .15 oz /4.25 g with safety seal cap and sealed packaging 3/4 x2 1/4×6.

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All your lip needs have been taken into consideration to create Juteux “luxury natural lip balm oil” considered the world’s best lip balm for safe beauty health all-in-one solution.

Juteux goes on like clear satin paint to produce super soft and lasting conditioning for the skin. 

Did you know lips show first signs of aging and this occurs in the early 20s or sooner? Juteux offers all natural and organic ingredients, luxury natural lip balm oil for anti-aging to make lips stay looking younger at any age.

The most powerful anti-aging treatment to help lips as they start to lose collagen and elastin, which occurs increasingly more over time. Juteux restores moisture to make lips look younger instantly. A powerful anti-aging lip treatment to use when lips begin to lose volume, lines form around the mouth, and rosy color starts to gradually fade away. Make anti-aging an investment into your future for fuller lips.

Also, apply Juteux to cheeks to make skin look less dull and dry for an instant dewy natural glow. At night time before bed apply Juteux under eyes to fix bags overnight. Giving the appearance of looking less tired and more attractive. Juteux can also be applied to the forehead and wrinkles around the eye area to enhance the skin to look smoother where fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable. Juteux even gives brows a stunning glow to look more fuller and healthier with natural ingredients at the same time.

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