Juteux multi-active benefits works for lips, cheeks, around eyes, brow, forehead, and wrinkles. Including SPF 15 protection for lips…It’s time to spread the love! 

Juteux Multi-Active Benefits

LIPS SPF15 Juteux main Curly D by Curly Davenport


Juteux is the perfect luxury natural lip balm oil for anti-aging lip treatment that goes on like clear satin paint. Use it alone or under and over lipstick or with and before applying lip kits. Gives extra tender maintenance to last longer in use with glossed lips.

For the ultimate anti-aging lip treatment apply Juteux at night after dry brushing lips.

Apply Juteux to cheeks to make skin look less dull and dry for an instant dewy natural glow. At night time before bed apply Juteux under eyes to fix bags overnight. Giving the appearance of looking less tired and more attractive. Jutuex can also be applied to forehead and wrinkles around the eye area to enhance the skin to look smoother where fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable. Juteux gives brows an stunning glow to look more fuller and healthier with natural ingredients at the same time.

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