Juteux From Curly D by Curly Davenport

Luxury Natural Lip Balm Oil

Appearance: Clear Satin Paint

*Luxury Natural Lip Balm Oil goes on clear. 

The most noticeable introduction to facial features are attractive healthy sexy lips! When it comes to fighting anti-aging actually your lips show the very first signs of aging. Now at any age you can have stunning natural looking lip features. Prep your lips with Juteux a breakthrough in Luxury Natural Lip Balm Oil for a hydration lift instantly. Created with love from Curly D by Curly Davenport the #1 pure by nature anti-aging skincare beauty brand.

Can even be used under and over lipstick or with and before applying your fave lip kits. Give extra tender maintenance to last longer in use with glossed lips. The “Juteux” Luxury Natural Lip Balm Oil created by Curly Davenport is made from only the purest and natural ingredients designed for a better enhanced lip ultimate experience. Longer lasting softness for lips adjusts to climate changes! 

Offers lips SPF 15 sun protection to prevent sunburn and sun damage that cause rosy red lips to fade. Additionally, works as a moisture and hydration boost to shield against cold windburn.

Magical combo ingredients of organic juicy flavors in luxurious oils like used in expensive Beverly Hills, California spas with the most advanced anti-aging skincare beauty fighting secret benefits. You simply can’t produce these results at home using DIY lip balm kits, Juteux is our advanced high tech laboratory created beauty secret breakthrough formula that is often imitated, but can never be successfully duplicated to perfection. 





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