When news broke that legendary actress Jane Fonda developed lip cancer, we just had to address lip cancer concerns and the dangerous warning signs.

The good news is that Juteux from Curly D by Curly Davenport has an natural SPF 15 sunscreen built-in. We purposely created the most advanced “luxury natural lip balm oil” on the planet for anti-aging lip treatment. Which sun exposure is a major factor when it comes to aging.

Jane Fonda’s Lip Cancer

Jane Fonda’s Lip Cancer Curly D by Curly Davenport

Fonda revealed in interviews this week that her doctor removed a cancerous growth from her lower lip.

What Is Lip Cancer?

Lip cancers are abnormal cells that grow out of control and form lesions or tumors on the lips. Lip cancer is the most common type of oral cancers. Identified as kinds of oral cancers included with head and neck cancers.

These cancers develop in thin, flat cells that are called “squamous cells” that line the lips, mouth, tongue, cheeks, sinuses, throat, and hard and soft palates.

Lifestyle Choices

Lip cancer is generally linked to lifestyle choices. High risk of lip cancer is linked to smoking, drinking, sun exposure, and tanning, all of which increases the chances of developing lip cancer.

However, when diagnosed early lip cancers are also highly curable. Routine dental exams can help in early stages of diagnosing lip cancers, dentists are often the first to typically notice signs of lip cancers.

It’s important to not ignore any noticeable or odd looking mark on lips. While lip cancers are considered highly curable, once lip cancer spreads to the lymph node the cure rate drops.

This is because squamous cell skin cancer is the thin line on lips and is more serious. Allowing lip cancer to spread to other parts of the body and once that happens it’s much harder to cure.

Lip Cancer Prevention

The first step for lip cancer prevention is to develop an awareness approach. Protecting lips from extensive exposure to guard mutations in genetic makeup is vital. When changes affect the cells of lips and if the body fails to repair these changes, uncontrolled growth of those abnormal cells can lead to lip cancer.

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Protect your lips with Juteux from Curly D by Curly Davenport that contains an natural SPF 15 sunscreen. Try also limiting time in the sun and make sure to cover-up, plus whenever exposed to sunlight always wear sunscreen protection.

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