After over five long years of searching for a better solution to bring natural beauty products to the marketplace. Dynamic husband and wife team “Kyle and Cataunya Ransom” created Curly D by Curly Davenport the #1 pure by nature anti-aging skincare beauty brand. Designed for those who want to look ultra fabulous and also use smart to goodness ingredients at the same time!

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Our brand’s manufacturing concept is connected to Beverly Hills California intensive science creation of magical combo ingredients. Made in the U.S.A. natural and organic finest quality paraben free, dye free, and cruelty free. All distribution is maintained in Metro Atlanta in the city of Norcross, GA made tremendously with love.

Juteux Luxury Natural Lip Balm Oil from Curly D by Curly Davenport main


In 2018, Curly D by Curly Davenport will roll out a complete full line of advanced high tech laboratory created natural and organic skincare beauty products to combat the aging process. Where the first signs of aging even starts in 20s and for some individuals earlier. Our purpose is to create the most advanced products to enhance youthful appearance for modern day lifetime expectancy. It’s reported that the first persons expected to live to be 150 years old are already living today!

Anti-aging for all! 

Pink Coco from Curly D by Curly Davenport SS2018