If you haven’t been dry brushing your lips, you should start as soon as possible. This trend started across the globe in Asia and is the best way to help improve texture for stunning lips. Why dry brushing is so popular is because it simply helps to remove the appearance of fine lines. While at the same time works to gently exfoliate lips.

Dry Brushing Lips With Juteux 

Juteux Luxury Natural Lip Balm Oil from Curly D by Curly Davenport main


The purpose of this technique is to remove the dead skin that form on your lips. Some people use their regular toothbrush to complete dry brushing. However, its a great idea to have a separate brush for dry brushing lips.

Here is how to get the best benefits of dry brushing your lips.

Start by applying Juteux from Curly D by Curly Davenport luxury natural lip balm oil. Make sure that you always start with a natural lip balm using organic ingredients. This is what makes Juteux the prefect lip moisturizer  choice for dry brushing.

You can use any soft brush for cleansing, including a toothbrush.

Dry Brushing Lips With Juteux From Curly D by Curly Davenport

Start dry brushing your lips over Juteux to remove dead skin. As you dry brush over the Juteux this also helps to plump your lips more. Giving an increase in circulation as the blood flow surfaces over the skin.

After you complete the dry brushing, gently wipe lips with water and splash five times in warm and next five times in cold.

Tap dry and apply Juteux for continued moisture with SPF 15 and windchill protection.

You are good to go!

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