For women over 40 dating younger guys, the fountain of youth is in your lips. The Cougar Dating lifestyle is in full effect…Younger guys are super attracted to older women who know how to take good care of themselves inside and out.

Cury D’s Juteux Lip Secrets

Curly D Juteux Beauty Secret Women Over 40

1. Lips Thin

Let’s just face it as we age, collagen production will slow down. That means that voluminous lips will start to go flat and thin. This is what makes women look much older, thin lips throw off the balance of a female’s face giving a much older appearance.

This is where Curly D’s Juteux comes in to save the day. The goal should be to have naturally beautiful fuller and plumper lips that look stunning tailored made to facial feature proportions. Giving a vibe of a more youthful appearance and not fake or overly processed.

2. Kiss The Dark Matte Lip Goodbye 

So sorry, but over 40 women should say goodbye to the dark matte lip! As women age wearing heavy lip color draws more attention to thinning lips.

Therefore, standout matte lips should be for younger females and not those over 40 with a sexy younger guy on their arm.

Pink Coco from Curly D by Curly Davenport ad campaign

Opt for the glossier dewy look by wearing lighter brighter lips like Curly D’s Sunset Crush or Curly D’s Pink Coco for fullness and a natural look that’s more flattering on thinner lips.

3. Vanish Lip Lines

This is it! The biggest secret to look much younger is to vanish lip lines. Older women over 40 who date younger guys can look instantly younger by smoothing out lip lines.

One customer who uses Curly D’s Juteux strongly believes this is the reason her lip lines have vanished. See vertical wrinkles will automatically form around our mouth as we age. Lip lines totally give away a woman’s age and can even make younger women look much older.

Younger women are also even investing in anti-aging for their lips to prevent lines. Daily activity cause lip lines to form, activities such as talking, eating, drinking, or just smiling!

Women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond are heavily investing in their lip treatment care to look younger and stay looking younger at the same time.

Dating a younger guy is no longer seen as inappropriate and has become very acceptable in society.  Live life to the fullest and enjoy your beauty. 





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