At 49, J-Lo “Jennifer Lopez” is our clean beauty crush for the week! We are excited that every Wednesday we will announce a new clean beauty crush selected by the Curly D by Curly Davenport team.

Clean beauty to us, is leading by example….creating a world for safer beauty products that are made without harsh chemicals.

Clean Beauty Crush J-Lo Jennifer Lopez

Where do we start, J-Lo is everything clean beauty and she certainly makes 49 look like 29! One thing for certain J-Lo is living her best life on Instagram and we get to see inside her clean beauty lifestyle.

Fitness, staying fit is the best way to live a clean beauty lifestyle. She likes to make it a couple thing with her famous boyfriend A-Rod “Alex Rodriguez” by her side.

No alcohol, smoking, or caffeine….these are things J-Lo cuts out to stay on track for her clean beauty lifestyle. Well, to look this good it must cost something to sacrifice, right?


Essential oils to reduce excessive hunger and appetite the clean beauty solution. J-Lo likes to reduce hunger by breathing in grapefruit oil for 15 minutes before every meal. That’s her secret hack for not overeating!

J-Lo Clean Beauty Crush Curly D 3

Sleep and mediation is her clean beauty weapon for dealing with stress and her busy schedule. She meditates no less than 20 minutes daily to stay calm and relaxed and gets plenty of sleep nightly. To keep skin glowing “like say having that J-Lo glow” it takes getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

J-Lo Clean Beauty Crush Curly D 2


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