When it comes to anti-aging “science” is being compared to snake oil. Many beauty products available on the market contain snake oil like fraudulent ingredients. These beauty products contain questionable and unverifiable quality and benefits.

Anti-aging Science vs Snake Oil

Anti-aging Science Vs Snake Oil Curly D

Through science we know that the first signs of aging even starts in 20s and for some individuals earlier. Lips show first signs of aging and this occurs in early 20s or sooner…It’s reported that the first persons expected to live to be 150 years old are already living today!

 Juteux restores moisture to make lips look younger instantly. A powerful anti-aging lip treatment to use when lips begin to lose volume, lines form around mouth, and rosy color start to gradually fade away. Make anti-aging an investment into your future.

Juteux offers many multi-active benefits to work for lips, cheeks, around eyes, brow, forehead, and wrinkles. Juteux offers all natural and organic ingredients, luxury natural lip balm oil for anti-aging to make lips stay looking younger at any age. 

 While most of the other lip care and skincare products available in the marketplace contain harsh chemical fillers. Juteux is 50% U.S. Navy Veteran owned and made in the U.S.A., advanced high tech laboratory created without fragrances, animal products, or additives. 100% paraben free, dye free, and cruelty free. 

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